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Negotiations on the horizon at Interac - 2 Nov 2012 - english - Interac

Interac members recently held a Skype meeting to finalize demands to the company that were submitted this past week.

While the word demand might seem strong this is the legal terminolog more

Interac - What improvements would you like to see? - 2 Nov 2012 - english - Interac

Standard - survey 2 Even though you may not be a union member, our Interac members are interested in hearing your opinions. We want to better understand what issues are important to ALL Interac ALT employees. Please note more

団交応諾・ALTの社会保険加入など、インタラックとゼネラルユニオン、中労委で和解    - 28 Sep 2011 - japanese - Interac

 インタラックは、教育委員会へのALT講師派遣【委託?】の最大手ですが、「社会保険加入・派遣法違反・団交拒否」などのトラブルも、少なくありませんでした。大阪府労委の「ユニオンとの団交拒否は違法、との謝罪命令決定」にも、会社は異議をとなえ、中央労働委員会へ再審査申立をしていました。しかし、2月28日に委員会が呈示した「社会保険加入や団交応諾のルールなどの和解勧告書」を、会社も受諾したことから、労使の more

General Union and Interac settle at the Central Labour Commission - 28 Feb 2011 - english - Interac

unions work General Union members are set to benefit from a settlement brokered by the Central Labour Commission, on February 28, 2011.

Interac has agreed to negotiate with the union in good faith. more

Health Checks – They’re mandatory!
- 5 Jul 2010 - english - Interac

Industrial Health & Safety Act
For many westerners, the idea of a state mandated health check smacks of a nanny state, and we are often reluctant to submit to the tests. While not all co more

Nagoya City ALTs - Open Meeting - 29 Aug 2009 - english - Interac

More and more Nagoya-shi Board of Education ALTs are contacting us and in response we are preparing to launch the Nagoya City ALT Branch/Local.

Nagoya City uses dispatch ALTs from 4 dif more

ALTs make the evening news - 24 Jul 2009 - english - Interac

television The topic of Assistant Language Teachers in public schools is heating up. In a report by a news program one parent complained that their child's class had seven different ALTs in a year. Bad working c more

Rumor has it… - 22 May 2009 - english - Interac

There’s an Interac office out there that “messed-up” on more than 150 contracts and they are now in a mad scramble to get teachers to sign another contract accepting lower salaries. You are not requir more

Interac - GU Demands Unemployment Insurance - 15 Jan 2009 - english - Interac

unions work This time every year, the General Union is inundated with enquiries from Interac teachers worried about their job security. A large number of these teachers are telling us they have no unemployment in more

How many pizzas can a new Interac trainee eat? - 16 Apr 2007 - english - Interac

On 30 March, seven General Union members visited Interac's Osaka headquarters in Honmachi to hand out union literature to a group of 20 new Interac teachers who were there to receive their UNPAID trai more

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